Suzie's Pet Treats | Hemp for Pets | Testimonials

Suzie's Pet Treats | Hemp for Pets | Testimonials
The Herbert Family
This is Boo-Boo (8yrs) and Jase (5yrs). Boo has had issues with her hind legs for years. No one told us that due to the fast rate of growth to not walk, run or over exert them. Well miss Boo-Boo has been on more 14,000 ‘s than most people. Because of this, she has pain while trying to get up. Jase being as big as he is will start to get issues with his hips the older he gets. My sister-in-law brought me Suzie's treats to try. They have worked wonders! Boo doesn’t whine when getting up from her bed anymore! I look forward to the improvements on her and Jase’s behalf thanks to Suzie’s treats! Thank you!
Wesley gets one Suzie's biscuit a day. It primarily helps him with his arthritis when he is in pain in the morning. After 30 minutes, he is ready to start his day pain free. It has also provided so many other benefits. I have noticed a huge difference in his anxiety levels and he barely gets allergic reactions now. He can now roll around in the grass like a maniac, and not end up with rashes all over his tummy. We LOVE Suzie's because they genuinely care about their customers and are so willing to help out. Their products are amazing quality, and their customer service is unmatched.
Mimi Porter
I can say, without a doubt, this product is effective. My horse has some anxiety and a lot of arthritis. Our ride after only one treat was noticeably better and now after giving him two treats a day, I believe he is happier.
Why do I give Pirate Suzie’s ? A whole host of reasons. When he was recovering from surgery he had a bad reaction to the meds they gave, and so I used Suzie’s to help him manage his pain. When we fly and he’s nervous, it’s been incredibly helpful. He had so many ailments over the short 3 years of his life where “rest” was the only thing the doctor ordered, and Suzie’s has helped him stay calm. We’ve been together every day during COVID, so when I travelled for work it helped his separation anxiety. And Pirate is very insecure when he goes to daycare or when he meets dogs for the first time, and it helps to reset his nervous system. There’s lots of brands on the market now, and they utilize different parts of the plant. As well as having various processing methods. I really do trust Suzie’s. Plus, in the time I’ve been using their products, I’ve got to see how kind, caring and generous they are as a company. I’ll always support them, especially now, as a small business. ⁣ If you are thinking of trying some, Pirate uses the tincture, cookies and Suzie’s salve and we’ve had great success with them all.⁣- @piratepitbull